A while ago I was on medical leave for 3 months. I made a list of the stuff I would love to do but do not have the time. After putting everything in order in my life, I finally got to the point of doing one of those things; A game.

my garden

So I did it. I wasn’t on medical leave for nothing so progress was slow but satisfying. The game I named « Eilah » has now a functional engine I wrote from scratch. Frontend is an Angular application and the backend is a Loopback one communicating with WebSockets.

The game is a mix between Don’t Starve and Zelda a link to the past. You need to eat, drink and sleep. There is monster trying to kill you so you’re always « aware » of your surrounding and they drop valuable loots. You can build and shelter yourself against the elements. And you can farm a variety of stuff.

I did not implemented PvP since I intent only to play it with friends.

It’s not finished. I guess it never will. But it was fun. The light cycle and projection, the pathfinder for the mobs and all those small parts were very fun to code.