I’m surprised about the amount of people not happy with SystemD and don’t even know how Unit files works. So as a personal note and as a way to propagate this simple information, here’s an example.


It’s almost always a bad idea to make the service unit “system-wide” when creating one for a particual use-case. So here’s my user service unit exemple for Snac.

# file: ~/.config/systemd/user/snac.service
Description=Snac Activity Pub Server

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "snac httpd /home/me/snac-data"

  • Start the service; systemctl --user start snac.service.
  • Enable the service; systemctl --user enable snac.service.
  • Check the service logs; journalctl --user -u snac.service -e.
  • Update the service if we edit it afterward; systemctl --user daemon-reload.
  • Keep the service running after user logout; loginctl enable-linger.

And that’s it.